Alex Peck // Cockpit


I now have a genuine James Vetier original racing cockpit. It started life as a rough idea for using a steering wheel while seated on the sofa, escalated into use of a 'cut down' single seat racing car (seriously, I wish I had taken pictures), before we arrived at the fold flat design pictured below.


I have been testing it extensively using Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, and now have only the B3 and A3 Eiger Nordwand events left to beat on gold. I defeated S6 F40 at Suzuka eventually.

For the uninitiated, using a wheel and pedals makes a massive difference once you get the hang of it, both in terms of control and immersion (especially when using the gear stick).

Prior to construction, we did some market research. There are quite a few alternatives out there:

FireTooth design and imitation
GTPlanet Steering Wheels & Cockpits - some awesome examples in here
RaceSim Central build your own forum

Commercial alternatives:

GameRacer Pro
Playseat evolution
Sparco GT cockpit
GamePod GT2
Obutto Ozone
Wheelstand Pro
Bob Earl's VRC
Ultimate arcade